The Countdown Is On!

Our Florida trip is booked and the countdown is on!!!! 38 days, and I'll be here:
I'm so excited!!

So now the big decision is...should I try to lean out a little, or just say 'who cares' and go the way I am?? I'm such a perfectionist!!

I pretty like every part of my body except for my midsection, so I would like to lean out just a little. Too bad I can't just lose fat from my stomach and not anywhere else! But unfortunately that's not the way it works, so I'd have get leaner all over in order to get my abs to show more. Boo. :(

Since I hit my goal weight of 125lbs, I have stayed there consistently for the past month. I can definitely tell that I've put on muscle since last fall (and others have told me I look like I've gained muscle), but I'm still lean, which is what I wanted.

I really like the way I'm eating right now. I watch what I eat but don't feel like I'm dieting. I don't have anxiety about my food like I used to when I was going lower carb. Maybe I'll just slightly lower my calorie intake on my off days, and go on a longer walk with my dog 3 days a week...

My goal is to be able to always stay lean without having to step on a cardio machine or go on a strict diet! So far I've been able to do that, but hopefully that will continue for my whole life! :)


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