Get The Benefits of Strength Training

If there is one thing that will improve your looks and your quality of life more than anything, it is strength training.

Knowing this, it saddens me that when I'm at the gym, all I see are all the women on the cardio machines and not a single one of them in the free weight section. Maybe one or two might be in the stretching area playing around on an exercise ball....but that doesn't count. ;) (I think those balls should be outlawed in gyms-then maybe women would have to lift some weights!)
The main reasons why I believe that most women don't ever get the full benefits of weight training:
1) They don't lift heavy enough
2)They don't do the right exercises
3)They don't give it enough TIME
4)They never get lean enough(due to nutrition) to SEE the muscles under the fat.

One thing I have found is that the average gym goer usually focuses on cardio and neglects strength training when weight loss is the goal. By doing this they are missing out on the calorie burning and metabolism boosting benefits of strength training! Lifting heavy and building more muscle will help you to burn fat and keep it off in the long run.

Lifting weights can transform your body, but it needs time to do it's magic. You need a few years of consistent weight training to really see great results, not just a few months. Be patient.


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