Weekend Recap

My husband and I had a great time rock climbing yesterday!

I have done it a couple of times before, but it doesn't get any less scarier to me! I'm scared out of my mind when I'm getting close to the top, and it starts getting hard to breathe, and I really want to just stop and go back down....but it's a great feeling when you keep going and reach the top! And then a huge relief when you're back at the bottom! Definitely an adrenaline rush.

I love being active and doing this kind of stuff! To me, fun is not a day at the spa, or shopping, or getting a mani and pedi(UGH). I don't want fancy dinners or matching shoes and bags to go with every outfit. Nope, what's fun to me is going rock climbing, hiking, or to the batting cage! What I love is having a guy to spot me on heavy squats and do sled sprints with! I'm a lucky girl to be able to do these things with my husband. :)

So after rock climbing, we went home and had dinner, went to church, and then stopped at Krispy Kreme afterwards for some donuts. Anything with chocolate and peanut butter comes pretty close, but I have to say that cream filled donuts are my favorite thing ever. Seriously. It brings me back to my childhood when my dad would go out and get us donuts every Saturday morning. He'd always come back with my favorite- a big long john! SO GOOD.


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