Can't Every Day be Sunday?

I'm so glad the clocks got set forward over the weekend. I love having more daylight!!

Well, thankfully that day I wrote about getting sick-that was me sick! I thought it'd be worse the next day, but I actually felt a little better and was able to train legs hard the next day. I had a couple nights of coughing, but besides that I felt pretty good!

Saturday night after church, Matt and I went out to dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary that's coming up in a couple of days! I love getting dressed up and going out on a dinner date with my husband. :) 

After dinner, we came home and had Reese's no bake for dessert-one of our favoritest treats! We were wanting to go out of town someplace for our anniversary, but we're still waiting to find out how many vacation days Matt will who knows when that will be!

Anyways, yesterday was a beautiful warm day. We went on our first ride in the jeep with the doors off! I'm so glad the warm weather is here. It's going to be in the 70s all this week! THAT makes me so happy you don't even know. Winter is over!!

I was thinking yesterday....I wish every day could be a Sunday. My Sundays are for sleeping in, bacon and eggs for breakfast, hanging out with my husband, not having anything to do, enjoying the weather outside, lounging around the house, whatever. My favorite day! :)

Oh yeah-one more thing. I have decided that I'm finally going to take the NSCA test to get my strength and conditioning certification(CSCS). I have put it off for 5 years! So that means I'm going to have to start studying because all that stuff I knew while studying Exercise Science in college I have probably forgotten!


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