Being Negative

I'm really trying not to get down about not being able to train legs. But I'm really bummed about it. This sucks.

I know I need to rest it, but I thought that I could still do some stuff, like burpees and Olympic lifts....but Matt thinks I should rest from everything until I find out what's going on. I don't want to!!!

Well, I was thinking that maybe I could still train the other "non-hurt" side, at least. I want to get better, but I miss my squats and deadlifts! I hate this. :(


  1. it's so hard, but it's better if you take time off now and find out whats going on than potentially do damage and be off longer. I've been off squats and deadlifts for a long time and if i had've rested properly initially it would have been only a short recovery my phyisotherapist says. Use it as an opportunity to focus on another area you want to improve.

    1. I know that's what I need to do. I should focus on what I CAN do and where else I can improve. I just love training legs!! I guess I'll just get really good at handstand pushups and get stronger on my bench press! Thanks!


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