Bigger Stronger Faster

I'm changing up my current training just a little. I'm adding in an extra day(so I'll have only 2 rest days instead of the 3 I have now), and I'm going to do a full conditioning workout one day a week of tire flips, farmer's walks, or sprints/sled drags, or a combination of all 3.

My goals are, well, to get bigger, stronger, and faster!

My goal for a while now has been to find a way to be as strong as a powerlifter but look like a fitness model, and also be conditioned! I have slacked off on the strength focus in the last few months to focus on building muscle. I'm still training heavy, but my goal has not been to hit PRs all the time or max effort lifts. But I do want to start focusing again on strength and hitting some goals that I have.

I know everyone has their preferences, but to me, this strength and conditioning type training is SO much better than bodybuilding workouts. But whatever, that's just me. ;-)

Summer Training Plan:

Mon-Upper body (heavy,low volume)+ 10 min finisher(sprints or bodyweight circuit)


Wed-Lower Body

Thurs-Prowler push or sled drag, 20 minutes

Fri-Upper body, lighter weights, higher volume

Sat-Olympic lift, box jumps, heavy squats, + 20 minute conditioning workout-tire flips/farmer walks

*15-30 minute dog walk every day*


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