I Won't Be Stopped

I'm SO glad it's the weekend! Cheeseburgers and Reese's eggs are on the menu for today, and I'm pretty excited about that. 2 of my favorite things. :)

So anyways, I'm still worried about my leg training but trying to stay positive and focus on the things that I CAN do. It's just that my legs are my scrawniest body part, and I have worked my freakin' butt off over the years to get them to grow!

I just have to keep telling myself this is temporary, my body needs the rest, and I'll be back soon enough stronger than ever!! They won't shrink. Hopefully this is just something that I'll be able to "fix" or that will just heal up quick...but my mind keeps thinking the worst. I have had a bad attitude and have been kinda depressed about it, but that is going to stop. This injury(or whatever it is) is NOT going to get me down!!!

Today I did the typical bodybuilder "back & bis" workout...it felt a little weird splitting the muscle groups up and training biceps again! I didn't train my biceps for over a year-they got enough work with all the pullups I was doing. Biceps are just SO boring to me to train! But I do love the "pump" and how it makes my biceps look huge! lol.
For my conditioning "finisher" after the workout I did about all I can do right now-jump rope and battle ropes mixed in with some ab wheel rollouts for a circuit. At least I can still do some type of conditioning, even if it will have to be the same thing over and over again for a couple of weeks. I'm just glad I can still train, and I will take this time to focus on getting better at some other things.


  1. Don't worry. Stay positive and and everything will be fine. Plus, the last thing you want to do is get anxious, train your legs and make it worse. Let your body heal and you'll be back training them in no time!

    1. I'm trying so hard not to worry! I have to keep telling myself I'll be back at it in no time.


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