It's a Privilege

Today I did a light("ish") leg workout to see how it would feel and if it would aggravate my hip. It's hard for me not to push it too hard, so I had to make myself not go up in the weights!

I stuck with 105 for 6 reps on front squats, when I'd usually do around 125 for 6.

I never did front squats before CrossFit, but now they are one of my favorite exercises. I love them!

Not being able to train legs just for those couple of weeks was horrible. I will definitely never take for granted the fact that I can move my body and train hard. It is a privilege. Don't ever forget that.

There are some people out there who would give anything just to be able to go for a walk, or just be able to STAND. Never take it for granted that you can move. Don't ever think of working out as a chore or punishment!


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