Eating Healthy On A Plane...On Vacation....Not So Much

I'll be flying to Florida in a few days, yippeeee!!! 

So I know I'll be having a few more "treats" than normal, since it IS vacation, after all. :) But I do like to try to eat at least somewhat healthy while flying and not have to eat airport food.

Here's what I'll be packing in the cooler for my husband and I while we're flying:
-Empty water bottle to fill up at the airport-always need water!
-Hard boiled eggs
-Protein pumpkin & oats bars(Jamie Eason recipe)
-Almond butter sandwiches on 1/2 thin buns(I know, flour is not the heatlhiest, but oh well)
-Baby carrots

So here's where I'm supposed to write about ways to eat healthy on vacation....well, I'm going to be honest and admit that when I'm on vacation I don't try to eat perfect. I'm going to try not to eat horrible at every meal, but I'm also not going to try to order extremely healthy meals at restaurants and all that. Which you can  definitely do, I just don't!

What I will try to do is not have more than one "bad" meal a day. So I may have a "bad" breakfast, then try to eat okay for lunch and dinner. Or maybe I'll have a bad dinner with dessert and try to eat decent at breakfast and lunch.

We'll be buying some lunch foods and snacks to keep in our room, which will probably be sandwiches and fruit. Not what I'd normally eat for lunch, but it could be worse. Plus, my husband and I don't drink, so that helps. We can splurge a little more on actual food. :)

I'm on vacation and part of the fun is being able to eat things you normally don't. I'll be working out and doing plenty of walking, so I'm sure I won't gain much more than a little water weight. Then I'll be right back on track with my normal healthy eating when I get back!


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