Enough Already

I KNOW you want results, but seriously, throw out the scale. Stop being obsessed with that stupid number, please. It means nothing. How many times do I have to say this?

What I want you to focus on is being consistent with your strength training and pay attention to how your body is changing and how you are getting stronger. Are your legs starting to firm up, are your biceps starting to show a little more? You've reached your goal of getting a pullup and can do 10 real pushups? That's great, that's awesome! So what if the stupid scale hasn't budged?  Those are some terrific accomplishments! Continue on with that, and you will continue to see results over time.

Enough with the yo-yo dieting, the hours of cardio every day, the "quick fix" strategies! The people who care about nothing else but weight loss are usually the ones who will eventually gain all of it back after they've reached their "goal weight".

Those who choose to make fitness a lifestyle by focusing on trying to be as healthy as possible, getting strong, building muscle, setting goals, and just striving to be better day after day will lose weight AND keep it off, while becoming toned, fit, and strong in the process!

Who wouldn't want that?


  1. I am 5'9' and weigh app. 152-156, not sure since it has been a while since i stepped on a scale. I am far from the 120 lb ideal weight most women want, but for the untrained eye, many say i am skinny, ugh! I want to be like the women on American Gladiators, that is beautiful to me. So I always round up my weight and tell people I weigh 160, really messes with their heads, esp women. THROW THE SCALE OUT THE DOOR, you will never miss it!

    1. I love it! I want to look like a Gladiator, too!

  2. Great reminder. I've trained women who have increased their energy, gotten stronger, and lost inches yet they still get mad if the scale doesn't show some magical number they were shooting for. Not fitting into their old baggy clothes should be much more exciting than hitting a particular weight.

  3. How fitting to read this as I stepped on the scale today and was a little disappointed.thanks for,the reminder to stay on track with the weights and it will come.i LOVE your blog. Thanks for all the great advice.Tanya

    1. Thank you! Just stay consistent, and you'll see great results!


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