I'm Dumb

Sooo...I think I probably shouldn't have done another leg workout yesterday, after not having done a full leg workout in a while and then still being a little sore from training legs a few days before...Yeah, that was dumb on my part.

My lower back and hips are hurting today. Nothing excruciating or anything, but I know I still need to take it easy. And let me tell you, taking it easy is NOT easy for me.  With the intensity I train with, most girl's workouts would be my warmup.

I am just so anxious to get back to my upper/lower split that I loved and start training legs regularly again!!  I think I'm just going to either go back to the 4 day push/pull split with some legs mixed in or a 3 day full body split, since I've never done that before.

Today I did upper body, which basically consisted of about a million pullups mixed in with some other things! Okay, maybe only 57 pullups if ya wanna get technical. ;)


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