It's For Tomorrow

At the gym my husband manages there is this older couple that I always see there working out together, and it is just the cutest thing! They've got to be in their 70s, but they both look super fit and in shape.

What I love is that they come in and do every exercise together at the same time, and I always see the man helping her with her form.  I also love the fact that they aren't just walking on the treadmill like most people their age, but they actually realize the importance of strength training.

I can only hope that someday that will be me and my husband! Instead of wasting away on the couch, I want to be active and live life to the fullest in the last years of my life. I believe strength training is the fountain of youth(along with healthy eating), and while we never know what can happen, I believe that the things I am doing today are not just for my looks but are an investment in my future health and quality of life. THAT is what it's truly all about.


  1. Oh, I bet that's too adorable. My BF and I workout together now, and it would make me so happy to grow old with him in a gym. You're so right about a healthy lifestyle not only being for our looks today, but an investment in our well being for years to come.


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