June Training Plan

I am a planner, I'm a listmaker. I like things to be structured.

Therefore, my training lately has been driving me crazy. I've been trying different things, trying to figure out what I can and can't do with my legs, what exercises make it feel better or worse. Since I can't do a full leg workout, I've been trying to figure out different types of splits I can do-upper/lower, push/pull, or full body.

I don't like to just go into the gym without a plan, and I don't like just doing random exercises. I think that's one of the reasons why I've had success. I've always planned and logged my workouts. I know sometimes it's good to just relax about it, but in my head, I feel like if I'm not on a structured plan that I can be consistent with, I won't get results.

So this is my training plan for the next month or 2:

Mon-upper heavy(3-5 reps) + tabata finisher

Wed-snatches, upper pull+ full body finisher

Thurs-upper push

Sat-Snatches, box squats + full body conditioning circuit

Tues/Fri/Sun-walk/foam roll

I hate not being able to do sprints, heavy squats, or deadlifts...but that's just how it is for now. I'm just going to be able to do some crazy things with my upper body if that's all I can focus on for now! I'm getting back to practicing muscle ups, and my handstand pushups are already getting stronger.



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