Let Your Body REST

Happy Friday!
And it's a beautiful one here in KY! I'm looking forward to the weekend-putting up our pool, going out for pizza and icecream, cruising around in the jeep, and just hanging out with my two favorite boys! :)

Today is a rest day...and I just wanted to address something. It seems that a lot of people think that they have to kill themselves in the gym every day. 

Well, the thing is, your muscles don't grow in the gym--they grow on your REST days! That is when they rebuild themselves and get bigger and stronger. Trust me, I love being in the gym, but I know that recovery is just as important for results.

I actually have 3 days off  from lifting, where all I do is take Asher for a walk and stretch/foam roll. If your diet is on point, you don't have to have work out every single day. Even if it's not, you still shouldn't try to kill yourself with intense workouts every day. And training more to make up for a bad diet isn't gonna cut it either.

Hit the weights hard 3-4 days a week with the big, compound lifts, and then let your body REST and fuel yourself with proper nutrition!


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