Vacation Recap

I'm back!

We had an amazing time in St. Pete beach, Florida. We just got back Wednesday night, and I miss the beach already! The weather was perfect every single day, and we had some beautiful sunsets.

It was really nice to have some time away from the "real" world and not have anything to worry about besides getting too much sun. ;) It was sooo relaxing.

I also really enjoyed not being so strict with my diet and not having to think about the carb/fat/protein grams in every meal! I enjoyed some not so healthy meals, and a just maybe a couple (virgin)pina coladas...
Our days consisted of:

Morning walks on the beach....
Soaking up the sun by the pool...
Going out to dinner in the evening...
Watching the sunset...
And that's pretty much it! We did work out in the hotel's gym a couple of days and just walked every other day.

We also went parasailing, which is something that I have always wanted to do! I was able to talk Matt into it, and I'm really glad we did it! It was so fun and relaxing up there, and not scary at all! I loved it!
It was a great vacation, but now it's back to reality....More pics to come!


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