Blah Day....

My husband is watching wrestling for the third time this week, which I have NO interest in right now....therefore, I am writing my second blog post of the day....

Well, today was kind of a crappy day. I was in a bad mood, emotional, and it was 60 degrees and dreary out, which didn't help. 60 degrees on the first day of JUNE!?

I know it's partly because it's almost that time of month...but what set it off was my back. I had a massage Thursday evening, and it was great, it felt amazing....But I was hoping that it would give me some relief. It didn't.

I woke up yesterday still in pain. I woke up fine, not in a bad mood at all, until I started doing some house cleaning.  My back was just hurting the whole time, and it was just so frustrating that I broke down. I have never had back pain like this before that is constant and never goes away. It's been like this for a few weeks now. I know something is not right, so I'm going to the chiropractor next week. Maybe one day I can get this issue resolved! on another topic, I think I'm going to try an experiment with my eating. Sometimes I'm fine with the way I eat....and other times I have anxiety about it and feel like food controls my thoughts. Sometimes I just want to be able to eat what I want to eat without thinking so much about it!

I want to have a meal and not think things like, "This has too much fat", or "I can't eat this apple because I've had too many carbs today". I want to be able eat something without thinking that it's going to make me fat. And I'm not talking about junk food, I'm talking about healthy foods!

I'm going to try not being so strict with my eating, not worry about eating every 3 hours, not worry about getting a certain number of carbs/fat/protein at each meal...and see how my body responds. I don't want to eat like a bodybuilder/figure competitor for the rest of my life....I want to see if there is a better way!

I'm also thinking about changing up my training and going to a full body split, 3 times a week, plus one conditioning workout.  I want to try something different, and I've realized that I just don't like splitting my training into 1 or 2  muscle groups, like push/pull. It's boring to me now to do ALL back exercises or all chest exercises in one workout. I like variety, I like to lift heavy, I like basic, compound exercises, and I like low volume. 

Since I posted about wanting to build up my glutes, I've come across tons of posts on Facebook lately about glute training! So I have lots of new things to try once my back gets better! I love having a focus in my training, and pretty soon it's going to be all about GLUTES!


  1. Lindsey, Nice Blog! I ran across it while browsing Facebook. I had to comment on this because I was in your same boat with the diet thing. Your diet and training sounds just like mine did a few years ago. I too would sweat each meal and started to wish I could just stop thinking about eating.. Somehow I was able to get away from it and to tell you the truth my body did not suffer much for it! I am still conscious about my meals, but if i don't get 6 in or if one had too many carbs I don't beat myself up.. Anyway just wanted to say good Luck! Also if you're interested you can check out my girlfriend and I's Blog at

  2. Thanks!
    I have relaxed and I'm not overly obsessive with my diet right now...I just go through phases where I just want to eat all junk food! lol. It's just when my mind starts playing tricks on me and telling me I'm fat and that I need to be leaner when I start getting a little obsessive!


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