Compare Yourself to YOURSELF

As I've mentioned in previous blog posts, I am just like most women and am guilty of comparing my body to others. I look at pictures of fitness models, and they just look so perfect...and I wish that I could look like that!

Comparing yourself to others can sometimes be motivating by making you want to eat healthier and train harder, but then sometimes it can also be discouraging because it just causes you to focus on your flaws.

 Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to YOURSELF!

When I get discouraged or down about they way I look, it helps me to look back at old photos that remind me of how far I've come and how much progress I have made over the years. I may not look like the fitness models I compare myself to yet, but I have made some great improvements in my physique!

Back in 2006, I was sooo skinny! And what's funny is that I actually thought I had muscle. On the days when I still feel like this scrawny little girl, I just look back at this photo to remind myself of how far I've come!
It's hard to see the changes in yourself sometimes because they happen so slowly and over a long period of time. That's why progress photos are so important. I didn't notice the change in my body composition until I looked back at these photos and compared them to myself now.

There is still work to be done-it's an ongoing journey, of course-but I have a LOT more muscle than I did 6 years ago and am leaner and more defined than just 2 years ago. And it's NOT all about looks-I'm also MUCH stronger than I was back then and eat a lot healthier.

It's all about making improvements on yourself, not constantly comparing yourself to others!


  1. Thanks for your inspiring words. I look like your "before" picture, but with even less muscle! I've always been scrawny & I'm also tired of people's comments about how "tiny" I am. So yesterday I switched from 15 pound dumbells to 20, and 40 pound barbells for deadlifts & lunges from 30 and I was totally thrilled. It's hard sometimes not to get discouraged when I think of the long road ahead.

    1. Nice job on increasing the weights! That's what it's all about-just getting stronger, challenging yourself and enjoying the process! Stick with it and don't give up, and you'll get great results.


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