Friday Ramblings

I am SO happy that my back and hip are feeling better, and my workouts are going great(withOUT my workout log)!

 I am so glad I can deadlift again.  I actually went up to 155lbs for 6 reps with the trap bar today and felt good! The only thing that's still giving me some trouble is tightness in my QL(quadratus lamborum), which I learrned is another result of a weak gluteus medius. Lesson: don't neglect your abductors!

I also got in some overhead squats  :

And then finished my lower body workout with Farmer's walks with 50lb dumbbells:

I love doing a few sets of Farmer's walks after a workout. They make you look cool, and the looks you get from the people doing crunches on the ab machine is quite amusing. I can only imagine what they're thinking-probably something like, "What is that crazy girl doing now?"

So it's gonna be a HOT weekend with temps around 103 degrees all weekend. So I will probably be in the pool most of the weekend, but that's nothing new! I I will take this weather over 20 degrees ANY day!


  1. impressive lifts Lindsay!!! Such an inspiration- you are so great!

  2. Hey girl! I just came across your blog and i LOVE it! I love how your passion and faith shines through and how much you love your husband.. it is seriously beautiful!! AMEN to weight training- I was "skinny fat" up until about two years ago, and the Lord has really used lifting weights to help me love my body more! I love how you eat clean but also treat yourself- I see so many blogs that literally only eat protein and veggies.. which is good for some meals.. but sometimes you need a treat once or twice a week! Life is too short!! Anyway, so thankful I came across your blog! I love it!

    1. Thank you so much, that means a lot!

  3. Love Farmers Walks! I think everybody in the gym always wonders where I'm taking the DBs. ;) haha!


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