I Look Like A Man

So there have been  a few pictures of me popping up around the internet on various websites....And of course, along with all of the good comments, there are going to be some negative ones.

The latest picture of me posted to Pinterest is one where I'm flexing my bicep(my signature pose, ha!), and one commenter said that she thought I looked like a man!  Welp, that's the first time I've heard that one so far!

Honestly, comments like that don't bother me at ALL! I was telling my husband the other day that I actually take it as a compliment! Huh? A compliment, you say?? Yup!

I mean, of course I don't really want to look like a man, but the fact that I'm at the point where some people think that I'm "too muscular"  just shows me how much muscle I have gained. 5 years ago, I don't think anyone would've said something like that because I was a lot scrawnier! (And anyways, if she saw me in real life, she'd realize how tiny I really am....it's not like I walk around flexing all the time, well, most of the time...)

I understand that not everyone wants to be lean and muscular, but that's always been the look I have been striving for! I just love it. I'm not talking bodybuilder, but  the fitness model, athletic look is what I like....and I think that I've achieved that! :)

To me, muscle is beautiful on women. I love lean, fit bodies! My muscles give me confidence, strength, and they are a sign of my hard work and dedication. I would much rather be muscular than skinny and flabby. I'd much rather be STRONG than weak and unathletic.

I love my hard earned muscle!


  1. Wow...Some people...
    Not only do I think you are inspirational & look fabulous, I also admire you for openly putting your pictures out there. So GOOD FOR YOU!!!

  2. I'm a man and I think your one sexy gal! LOL, keep it up!!


  3. I think your comment that not everyone strives to be lean and muscular is key. Thats the look i want, and girl i think you look amazing!! You have a great attitude about it. Take it from someone who was referred to as looking like a 12 year old boy. Lol

  4. Thank you! Haha, trust me I know what that feels like, I always say to my husband that I'm shaped like a 12 year boy!

  5. It is true, not everyone wants to look muscular. That isn't my fitness goal, however, I admire those who do and achieve it, like you! It takes so much mental strength to accomplish what you do and it amazes me that people are capable of that. It may not be my fitness goal but I still think you look great!

  6. I think it would be really hard to be someone in the fitness "spotlight"...I mean, it's something I hope for someday, but dealing with negativity is hard. You are so strong, both physically and emotionally and it's highly admirable! I dream to look like you and have "man muscles"! I agree, women with muscles are beautiful and you are stunning! Thanks for being a positive inspiration! :)

  7. Lindsay I think that's what I love about your blog. That you love who you are!!! That is such a rarity in today's world of everyone struggling to fit in. I think if people owned what THEY like that we would be happier people.You look amazing and that you like it is really all that matters.Keep it up and from the comments and the people pinning your picture I would say that's a great way to spread the word about being healthy. Cheers!!

  8. God woman can't win can they. Too fat, too thin, too curvy, too muscular, too flabby, too short ARRGGGHHHHH. We come in all shapes and sizes and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    Personally I think you have a gorgeous figure, just keep doing what you're doing that makes you happy.

  9. I think you look awesome and I totally understand where you are coming from. I have been told something similar and had your same reaction! Some people don't understand that when your flexed it looks way different than relaxed! And, in person is way different than a picture. Pictures with flexed muscles don't always show just how lean/tiny the body structure is or would be next to an actual MAN. *I am more muscular than most girls I see but smaller than an "average" sized girl* Plus, I would also rather have tight muscles/skin just like you than be skinny/fat or overweight. I think muscles are the best choice out of them all! *TEAM MUSCLES&BEAUTY* :)


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