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When I first started this blog a few years ago, it was basically just an online "diary" for me to document my life and vent my thoughts and feelings(as you can see if you go back and read some of my first entries-it sounded kind of like my  high school journals!).

Over time, my love of fitness began to show through as I started writing posts hoping to educate and motivate others to want to live a healthier lifestyle. I also began to share my passion for lifting weights and what it has done for me. My goal then became to spread the message about the power of weight training and to encourage women to get over their fear of the weights.

I never ever thought that my blog would evolve into what it is now, and I am SO thankful and so touched that my words have inspired others through what started as me just wanting to share my love of fitness!

I was actually in the process of writing this post when I recieved this comment on Facebook:

"Basically I wanted to tell you thank you for inspiring me to PUSH MYSELF and build muscle and help me along my fitness journey because I have been a little lost! but now, because of you...I am definitely back on track and ready to build muscle! so THANK YOU!♥"  (Thanks Emily!!)

It truly maks me SO happy that I have been able to inspire others. Hearing that I have made someone want to lift heavier, be healthier, or set a new goal for themselves is the reason why I do what I do! It means so much to know that I have made even just a small impact on someone's life.


  1. you seriously are AMAZING! thank you so much for being YOU again<3


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