What Was Your Excuse?

Hope ya'll don't mind if I brag on my husband a little bit.  ;)

Looking at him now, you would never know that in the last 5 years he's endured brain surgery, radiation treatments, 2 years of chemotherapy, and an accident that involved a torn knee tendon and a badly dislocated elbow.

I've seen this man hobble to the gym on crutches and in a wheel chair to train even when he could only lift with one side. I've seen him when he could only lift 10lb dumbbells after his brain surgery. I've seen him lifting weights in bed while he was recovering from  injuries.

He has never once let anything stop him. Not surgeries, not broken bones, and not cancer(praise God)!

Now....what was your excuse again?


  1. You guys seem to have a sweet relationship; it is very touching. I wish you guys all the happiness you can stand very a long lifetime.

  2. seriously SUCH AN INSPIRATION! you are as well! really you inspire and motivate me so so much! to me you are the optimization of health and fitness! you motivate me every day to get my body to your level of fitness!!

    1. Thank you, it means so much to hear that!

  3. WOW! What a story!! Your husband is a massive inspiration. I can only imagine how tough it must have been to go through all that, and still remain committed to your training.

    1. Thanks! He is an inspiration to me!

  4. Praise God is right!
    and thanks for the picture ;)


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