So last night I got up the guts to do another WOD with Black Label CrossFit, the CrossFit box at the gym where I work.  I conquered my fear of training with a group when I did a workout with the class a couple of months ago, but that didn't make it any less scary yesterday!

I was nervous and anxious all day, with a nauseous feeling in my stomach whenever I thought about the workout. That feeling of fear I think is part of the reason why I quit doing CrossFit regularly! It got to the point that I was more nervous and sometimes even almost dreaded my WOD because I knew it was going to hurt so bad!

CrossFit is such a mental thing, and that's why I wanted to do it again yesterday with the group. It's not so much about the actual workout for me but about getting out of my comfort zone, and pushing myself past the point when I would usually stop. It's about getting mentally stronger. And even though I wouldn't want to go back to doing workouts like that every single day, I do think once in a while it's good to really push yourself to the limit.

So here was the WOD:

For time:

20 chest to bar pullups(kipping-chest has to touch bar)

3 rounds:
5 snatches 75lbs
5 clean and jerks 75lbs
5 thrusters 75lbs

20 chest to bar pullups

Time=12 minutes

That was a  really tough WOD for me! After the first set of 20 pullups, I felt like I could throw up! I haven't done kipping pullups in forever, and those took a lot out of me! Then combining the snatches, clean and jerks and thrusters was really hard, especially the thrusters, which I have always hated!!!!

There were times during the workout when I thought, "I can't do this". But I pushed that voice in my head aside and kept going. It's amazing what your body can do-most of the time it's really your mind that holds you back!

The CrossFit games are going on right now, and even though I'm not a "CrossFitter" anymore, I still love watching them! As much as people like to criticize CrossFit, there is no denying that they are some amazing athletes. No matter what style of training you do, it's truly motivating and inspiring to watch! (You can catch them on ESPN3)


  1. I'm scared to do CrossFit WODs period... so props to you! I can't even do one kipping pull-up. ;) I love your blog!

    1. Thanks!
      I followed the CrossFit mainsite on my own for a little over a year and really loved it! However, I learned all the movements first and always scaled the workouts when I first started. It took me a long time of practicing the movements before I could do them well. Plus, I'd been lifting weights since I was 12!
      Then I slowly got more into the powerlifting part of it and did less and less met-cons...until I quit doing it all together. But I'm so glad I had the experience and still like to throw in a CrossFit WOD here and there!


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