I Am Not a Fan

I recently read the book, "Not a Fan" by the pastor of our church, Kyle Idleman, and I just wanted to share what it spoke to ME.

This book opened my eyes to the way that I've been living as a "follower" of Jesus Christ.  I thought I was doing pretty good, living the Christian life, trying my best to put Him first, reading the Bible every day, tithing, and all that good stuff. But after reading this book I was forced to ask the question: was I really living my life as a true follower of Jesus....or just a fan??

Reading this book made me view my life in a different way. I realized that life is not just about ME, MY pleasure, or MY happiness, and that's not what we should be seeking in life. What it's really about is thinking outside of yourself. It's about serving others, putting others above yourself, and getting rid of your selfishness.

Being a true follower is about glorifying and honoring God in everything that you do every single day. It is about shining a light and letting God's love show through you. It's about being unashamed. It's NOT about following a bunch of "rules" or just looking good on the outside...it's about an intimate connection with God. It's making Him your one and only-not just a part of your life, but your WHOLE life.

Before reading this book, God had actually been speaking some things to me for awhile...but, I admit, I was ignoring Him. I had been feeling like I should be doing MORE for Him, but I just kept pushing that voice in my head away, thinking, "I'll try to do better. One day I'll do more, serve more, give more."

But the thing is, good intentions mean nothing without action. If you call yourself a Christian, your faith is not something that is meant to be kept to yourself. It is to be put to ACTION. As Kyle says in the book, "Following requires movement."  It requires sacrifice.

If you call yourself a Christian, it is not okay to be just a "fan "of Jesus. We are called to be followersBeing a follower is more than being an "enthusiastic admirer". It is more than just a feeling, it's more than just a belief, and it's more than just words. It's not all about US and what we can get out of God. It's about being a completely committed follower.

Then he said to the crowd, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross daily, and follow me.  -Luke 9:23



  1. I love this! thank you so much for sharing! I have found myself in the same state...I have realized I have been focusing on MY own happiness as my priority...and although this is important, it should be equally balanced with spreading this happiness with others so that I can bring about a similar happiness in themselves as I have found in myself. Thank you so much for sharing this! I am looking into that book right now:)


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