This is Why I Lift!

"Why do I love to lift? It's the set after set of challenges - overcoming each one, and realizing I'm stronger and tougher than I think. That strength stays...long after the lift...I carry it with me, always." -ErinStern

I love this quote from Erin Stern! It's so true. The strength you gain from lifting weights is something that you carry with you, always, long after you step out of the weight room.

Why do I love to lift? There are so many reasons.

First I'll state the obvious-weight training makes you look awesome! It has helped me to create a body that I am proud of and has increased my confidence in how I look. I'm not gonna lie-I like to show off the results of my hard work! I'm proud of my arms in a tank top and my quads in a pair of short shorts.  I'm not ashamed or self conscious in a bathing suit, and I think my butt looks pretty good in a tight pair of jeans!

But it goes beyond the physical. 

I noticed the other day as I was walking into the grocery store that I walk with a spring in my step.  I feel good about myself knowing that I am fit and healthy, ready for whatever comes my way. My strong back and core helps me to hold my shoulders back and my head high, portraying an air of confidence.  

Training hard and lifting heavy makes me feel strong and powerful, inside and outside of the gym. Knowing what I can do and what my body is capable of makes me feel awesome inside, and that radiates to the outside!

I truly believe that if it weren't for my faith(number one) and my fitness, that I would be consumed with anxiety and depression because it runs in my family. Lifting gives me an outlet, it's a stress reliever, and it gives me something to be excited about every day. Working out is good for mental health, not just physical health!

I also feel good knowing that I'm taking the steps that will improve my tomorrow. I am not going to be content with letting myself waste away like everyone else. I am determined not to be frail and miserable in the last years of my life. I want to be able to live life to the fullest, to be able to play and enjoy each day!

How about you? Are you confident in yourself? Are you happy with your body? If not, YOU have the power to change it.  Who you are is up to YOU. What your future is going to be like is up to YOU. Will you be strong, energetic, confident, healthy and happy? Or weak, miserable, depressed, tired, and unhealthy? The food you eat and the actions you take on a daily basis determines which one you will be!


  1. I LOVE THIS POST! i feel the exact same way! lifting has provided me not only with confidence in my physicality, but also in the way i perceive my inner self...I love knowing that I CAN DO ANYTHING as long as I am determined and motivated towards my goal. I love being strong both inside and out!

    1. That's the best thing about it! The physical results are just a nice plus. ;)

  2. i agree with everything in this post. i love this


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