Some Things I'm Loving Right Now

 I'm just loving the song, "Well Done" by Moriah Peters right now. I love her voice and the upbeat, happy feel of this song! And the message, of course!

Right now I'm reading "Traveling Light" by Max Lucado.

This book takes you through the verses of the 23rd Psalm to show how you can let go of the burdens you were never meant to carry-such burdens as anxiety, doubt, insecurity, self-reliance, and loneliness. I'm really enjoying it and seeing Psalm 23 in a whole new way. The Lord is my Shepherd!

Barbell glute bridges-I'm all about these right now. I'm kind of obsessed with butts. I can't help it, I just love a nice butt! I couldn't help butt(haha) notice the sprinter's nice booties during the Olympics! Wow! Makes me really look forward to adding sprints back into my program!

Home grown tomatoes-you all know how much I hate almost all vegetables, but I do love me some home grown tomatoes (I know, I know- they're technically a fruit). My mom just dropped me off a whole bunch the other day. :)

5)More food:
Con on the cob-my favorite summer food!

So sweet and crunchy! It's like dessert to me. I know it's a starchy carb and all that, but I don't really care since I don't eat it on a daily basis. It's something I have as a "treat" when we grill out on the weekends. Plus, it's high in fiber, folate, antioxidants, and other vitamins and minerals!

I love bright, bold nail polish in the summer. My favorite color right now is blue! The polish I'm using is called "Why Not" by Sinful Colors.

Some great articles I've read recently from some of the blogs I follow-


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