What I Ate & Workout Wednesday

(Upper body)

1)Strict barbell press:65x5-75x4-75x4-65x6(felt weak on these today!)/
1 set of handstandpushups x6

2a)Pullups: 8(neutral)-7(overhand)-6(overhand)-9(underhand)
2b)DB incline chest press: 45x8-7-7-40x8

3a)DB push press: 30x9-10-10
3b)DB seated incline curl: 20x10-10-10

4a)Dips: 12-12
4b)Band pullaparts: 20-20-20

What I Ate:
8:00 1/2 cup oats, 1 scoop Syntha-6, 1 tbsp peanut butter

10:30 Post workout: Banana pudding, whey protein shake with skim milk

11:30 Lean beef burger on lettuce bun w/ketchup, sweet potato fries w/ketchup, 1/2 orange

2:45 Ground turkey w/taco seasoning and salsa, 2 orange slices, rice cake

6:30 1 cup cauliflower, 2 whole eggs, 2 whites scrambled with mozzarella cheese

10:00 Whey protein shake, 2 tbsp peanut butter


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