Weekend Tip

If you're trying to lose weight, weekends can really make or break your fat loss progress. For some reason, people seem to think that they can loosen up their diet on the weekends or even just eat whatever they want. With that mindset, you can be sure NOT to get the results you want!

Your body doesn't know the difference between Saturday or Monday. It still stores extra calories the same way(as FAT!) no matter what day of the week it is, so why would you eat differently? Now, I don't think there is anything wrong with having a treat or cheat meal on the weekend, but the thing is, you cannot allow that meal to get you off track for the rest of the weekend! You have to plan your meals for the weekend just as you do during the week.

One thing that helps me is having my treat meal as the last meal of the day. I find that after having that meal, I have no desire to eat anything healthy for the rest of the day! So if I have it as my last meal, it doesn't turn into an all day eat-a-bunch-of-junk fest.  Usually, I am ready to get right back on track the next day and go back to my normal eating!

So stay on track with your healthy meals and continue to get results, or completely go off your diet and hinder your fat loss progress-it's your choice.

"Being lean is not normal in today's society. This means you need to do things that normal people don't do. You need to pack your own lunch; you need to request food be prepared differently than what's listed on most menus; your idea of 'fast food' should be a protein shake; and you can't take the weekend off from your diet like you do your job." - Mike Roussell


  1. I will admit I am guilty of this. Saturdays have always been tough for me. Even though that day is the day that I have a free meal of my choice for dinner, I always end up eating Lara Bars and munching things here and there beforehand!

    Great post!

    1. Thanks Jen!
      I do the same thing sometimes. I have to keep the snack type food away from me completely so I'm not tempted!

  2. The quote by Mike Roussell is perfect & so true. Great reminder!

  3. I think everyone struggles with this! I'm much better now, but last year when I was working a super stressful job I had no energy to cook on the weekend. Meaning a cheat breakfast turned into lunch, which turned into dinner and dessert....and then since I had ruined Saturday, I might as well ruin Sunday. Then I would follow an extreme deficit throughout the week to try to get back to 'normal'. NOT a healthy way to live. I tell clients to have their cheats on Sunday night, as they are then back into routine Monday morning.

    1. It's SO easy to get into that mindset on the weekends! I think everyone has done that at some point!

  4. My cheat meals are always the last meal of the day too, usually yogurt or something like that!


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