WOD of the Week

Friday's CrossFit Workout:

65lb Back squats
Chest to bar pullups
Lunge jumps (each leg)
worked on power cleans, 115lbs

That one was SO hard for me with the high reps....but I love the sore booty I've had the past 2 days!


  1. Hey! I was wondering how you worked in your CF workouts with your lift days? Right now I lift legs on Mon. and Thurs., upper body on Tues. and Fri. and Weds, I do HIIT sprints. I did CF for a year and loved it, but eventually I needed to do something different. So now I have been doing the schedule I mentioned, but I miss CF!! So, how did you decide which day was good for working it in? Thanks!

    1. It took a while for me to be able to figure out how to work it in with my lifting. I was almost always too sore to do anything the next day after CrossFit...but didn't want to do any heavy lifting the day before either. So basically I worked it out so that I do weights Sunday, Monday, Wednesday(upper-lower-upper split), then CrossFit Friday, which usually has a strength portion before the WOD also, so I count that as one of my lifting workouts. If I'm not too beat up on Saturday I might go in and do some strongman training stuff, like farmer's walks, battle ropes, etc.


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