Leg Workout and Other Ramblings

I had an awesome but brutal leg workout today! Oh, leg day. How can I love something so much and also hate it at the same time??

Squat jumps: 8-7-6
Squats: 155x5/165x5(woohoo-without a spot!)/135x10
Barbell glute bridge: 135x10/155x8/176x6/175x6(heaviest I've ever gone on these!)
Bulgarian split squats: w/ barbell-50x10/50x10/w/ dumbell held at chest-40x9 (I HATE these!!!)
Smith machine calf raises(4 sets of 15), superset with a couple sets of  RDLs
Ball ab pikes: 4 sets of 10, 40 seconds of jump rope between sets

Today my husband and I made tacos for lunch, which we haven't had in FOREVER, and they were soooo good. Great meal after a tough leg workout!  :)

So it has been SO gorgeous the past few days-80 and sunny!! This is my kind of weather, and I want it to stay!!!! It's so amazing. The weather over the weekend was beautiful, also. Here are a few pics from our stroll through the woods at a local park on Sunday:

I've got to enjoy this weather while it lasts because soon the dreaded winter will be here! I go into survival mode and just try to get by through the winter months-I hate it that much. But I do love this time of the year and am SO excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up!!!!

I was just thinking today about how I can't wait to put up my Christmas tree and decorate my house all up like a winter wonderland and listen to Christmas music and have snow on the ground(I hope)and....aaahhh, there's just something about Christmastime. I am such a kid when it comes to the holidays!

Who else is as excited about the holidays as I am? Or do they just stress you out?


  1. Way to go on the 175lbs glute bridge!! :)

  2. omygosh i HATE bulgarian split squats too! what is it about them? but that just means we should probably do more of them ;) sounds like a great workout!


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