Don't Wait Until You "Feel Like It"

Waiting until you "feel like it" to do something is a great way to get nothing done.

Whatever it is you need to do, whether it's to start going to the gym or eat healthier or to clean out your closet, if you wait until you "feel like it", you may never end  up doing it. You'll most likely keep putting it off and putting it off; you'll tell yourself that you'll do it "tomorrow"....and tomorrow  ends up turning into never.

"Mood follows action". I heard someone on the radio say this the other day, and it stuck with me. If you think about it, it really is so true!

There are lots of things that I don't feel like doing sometimes. There are days when I don't "feel like" getting up early, but I make myself anyways, knowing that I'll feel better getting an early start to my day. There are times when I don't "feel like" reading the Bible or praying, but then once read a few verses I want to keep going! There are times when I don't "feel like" cleaning the house, but I make myself just do a little-maybe vacuum or sweep the floors, and then I end up doing a lot more!  There are days when I don't "feel like" working out, but I go the gym anyways and usually end up having a great workout!

The thing is, once you take action, even if at first you are just going through the motions, most of the time you will find that your mood will follow. If you can just make yourself do whatever it is that you don't feel like doing at the moment, you may be surprised to find that once you start doing it your mood will change. Your energy level will increase. You just have to take that first step. You can't always wait until you feel "motivated" or you will get nothing done.

Sometimes you just have to force yourself to do things that you may not really want to do at first. To me, that is what consistency is. That is the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. It's being committed to something and following through with it day in and day out, even on the days when you aren't in the "mood" or don't "feel like" doing it. If you let your moods always dictate what you do or don't do, I can almost guarantee that your life will lack any kind of consistency. And without consistency, you will never reach your goals or find success in anything.


  1. I like that, Mood Follows Action. Will definately be using that one!


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