Leg Day!

I'm back to an upper/lower split this week, and I'm loving it! I was so excited to train on Monday, and I haven't felt that way for the last few weeks! 

Today was leg day, and here's what I did:

1. Squats: 155x5/175x3/175x3/155x5/135x6
2. Trap bar deadlifts: 140x6/160x6/180x6
3. Barbell glute bridge: 155x6/175x6/185x6/185x6 (15 more lbs til I reach my goal!)
4. Front loaded single leg reverse lunges: 65x8/8/8
5a. Smith machine calf raises:  4 sets of 12-15
5b. Negative ab wheel rollouts: 3 sets of 8
Double unders just for fun: 30-25-20-15-10-5

I've been doing pretty good with my end of the year goals. I have missed a few days of walking and haven't been practicing my handstand walking as much as I need to-just because I forget! ;) 

I have a few more goals for 2013 that I'm going to start working on now as well, and that is to get a twice bodyweight deadlift(250lbs) and to start working on my 1 arm pushups again. I also want to master some cool bodyweight stuff like front levers and the human flag! :)

Nia Shanks is offering a fitness challenge that I think everyone should join in on:

I always focus on performance goals, but I do weigh myself occasionally. Although I am the complete opposite of most people-I freak out if the number on the scale goes down! So it is quite scary to me not to weigh at ALL...I'm afraid I'll lose weight! But I do think it's great to focus on performance rather than being obsessed with that dumb number on the scale! Who's going to take on the challenge?


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