Training Update

Just thought I'd update you all with my current training.

So my latest training split has been a push-pull-legs split Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Friday is either an off day or CrossFit, and Saturday is a conditioning workout, usually sled pushes and farmer's walks. I'm loving my Saturday conditioning day-sled pushes kick my butt, but I love it. Why is it that we love to torture ourselves? ;)

What I'm not enjoying, however, is the "bodybuilding" type split thing. I thought I'd do it for a while just to switch things up and focus a little more on hypertrophy, but I just don't enjoy that type of training anymore. I'm not excited about it, and I think it's important to have fun and enjoy your training. I've done this split for a little over a month, but next week I'm going back to upper/lower because that is what I love. I haven't been to CrossFit in the last couple weeks, but I'm hoping to get back to this week! I miss it!

My main goal right now is still to get bigger, but I also want to be crazy strong! :) I'm not satisfied with just looking good. My goal is not to have ripped abs or to be shredded but weak and puny. I want to be big, athletic and strong. That's why I just don't enjoy the typical bodybuilder/fitness competitor type of training. It's more about just getting a pump and high reps and boring, traditional cardio. I *heard* that Erin Stern is writing a book about her style of training, which I think she calls "athletic bodybuilding"...can't wait for that! :)

I've not really been focusing on "strength" right now per say, but I have been at least trying to maintain it on the main lifts. Here are some of my current weights:

Squat: 175x5
Military Press: 85x3
Trap bar deadlift: 200x3
Push Press: 105x5
Bench: 110x4(boo-weak!)

Lower body feels strong, but I feel like I've gotten a little weaker on my pressing movements. :(

I'm getting to the point again where I'm just tired of thinking about my training and planning out my workouts-I just want to have it planned out for me and then just have do it! That is what I really miss about CrossFit. But I did recently buy one of Jason Ferruggia's workout plans, just to have something to follow! I will be starting that soon and let you know how it goes!


  1. If Erin Stern really is writing a book, I'm all over that!!! I'm so sick of the bodybuilder way of training too. I'm all about increasing strength! It's way more fun than chasing a pump, haha.

    1. I heard her say something about it in an interview and saw it mentioned on her website! Can't wait for that! And yeah, I have realized that there comes a point when I just have to be satisfied with the muscle that I have built over the last 10 years and just train the way I enjoy training-and that is with heavy weights! :)


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