A Workout and Other Ramblings :)

I'm so glad it's Friday! 

My birthday is next week, and we're celebrating this weekend....so I'm calling it my birthday weekend! :) All I want for my birthday is to watch a movie (since my husband hates going to the movies), go out to dinner, and then ride around and look at Christmas lights. So....that's the plan! Oh-and a cookie cake, as usual. :) Can't wait!

I had a fun upper body workout today:

 1)Handstand pushups: 4x6

2)Neutral grip pullups
(Rest pause-30 rep goal, 30 second rest)

3)As many sets in 12 minutes:

1 arm DB row: 45lbs x6 (should've went heavier!)
DB chest press: 40lbs x6
 = 8 sets
Then finished up with some bicep curls and abs. 

I've been doing a lot of rest pause sets lately just because it's fun and something different! Wednesday I got 195lbs on barbell glute bridges-I'm pretty sure it was my tall socks and this awesome tank my in-law's got for me:

Yup, I have the best in-laws ever! :)

I've been crafty lately and made some Christmas ornaments from ideas I found on Pinterest. They're so pretty, I love them! Also made one of the photo ones for my mom as a Christmas present. :)

What are your weekend plans? Have you done any fun or different workouts lately?  


  1. Love the socks! I've been doing kettlebell swings, which are something new for me. My goal is to get 75 straight!

  2. So gorgeous!! I love your legs...and arms....and everything else haha ;) Happy birthday for next week x

  3. Happy birthday Lindsay! You look amazing in the pic. Great ran and body! Keep it up girl!

  4. Great tan* also love the ornaments!

    1. Thanks Krystal! Although it's funny because I feel pale right now compared to my summer tan! :)


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