Christmas, Stripped Down

I'm not gonna lie, spending Christmas in the hospital is not fun. In fact, it kind of sucks.

But when I start to feel down and depressed, when I feel myself losing the "Christmas spirit", I remind myself of what Christmas is really about.

I love Christmas and all the pretty lights, the tree, the presents, the music, Santa, baking cookies, and all the other festivities....but really, that's not Christmas. It's only what we have made it to be. If you strip it down and take all that away, Christmas is still Christmas.

Regardless of whether you are in a hospital room with a sick loved one, or opening gifts with your family, the true meaning of Christmas doesn't change.

Christmas is a celebration of the light and the HOPE that was brought to the world all those years ago. It is a time for thanking God for the amazing gift of His Son, the most important and ONLY gift that matters in this life!

My Christmas spirit does not depend on all the superficial things that we use to celebrate this holiday-it is the hope, the peace, and the JOY that I have inside of me, and nothing can take that away.
This year, I've seen Christmas in a whole new light.


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