Happiness Is....

One of the Christian blogs that I read did a "Happiness Is" post recently. I love making lists, so I thought I'd come up with my own. :)

Happiness is listening to Christmas music.
Happiness is caramel apples.
Happiness is being in my husband's arms.
Happiness is snuggling with my doggy.
Happiness is a lazy Sunday afternoon watching football.
Happiness is looking at old photographs.
Happiness is morning coffee.
Happiness is the first snow of winter.
Happiness is laughing with my sister.
Happiness is my pretty Christmas tree.

Happiness is laying in the hammock reading a good book.
Happiness is heavy squat day.
Happiness is banana pudding after a workout.
Happiness is seat heaters in my car.
Happiness is sunshine.
Happiness is sleeping in on Saturday mornings.
Happiness is being at the beach.
Happiness is spending time with family during the holidays.
Happiness is pumpkin pie.
Happiness is setting a new PR in the gym.
Happiness is having a good curly hair day.
Happiness is comfy pajamas.
Happiness is driving with the windows down and the radio blasting country music.
Happiness is beating my husband at Mario Kart.
Happiness is getting a Christmas card in the mail.

What are some things on your "happiness list"?


  1. aw I love this!!
    It's the little things. So sweet.
    I love looking back at old pictures with some great music playing!

  2. Love that you choose to state the much "smaller" more taken for granted things!

    1. Yes, these truly are the things that make me happy. :)


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