Mom is now awake and alert, and we have been greeted with a smile the past few days when we've gone to see her! They put a trach in, but she is now breathing on her own! She has made big improvements in the past few days. 

She has had 7 surgeries so far, and has one more for the hip to go, which will be sometime next week. She can move her arms and legs, but not her left fingers, but hopefully that will come back with time.

You can tell she is in a lot of pain and she tries to communicate with us, but it's frustrating not knowing what she is trying to say.  I hate her being in so much pain and not being able to communicate, but I am SO glad that she is doing better.  Praise God!

Keep those prayers comin'! :)


  1. I'm glad t hear she is doing better. she is a strong woman!


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