Friday Ramblings....

I am almost finished with the second week of my new training program, and so far I am really liking it! 

I especially love the first two days of the week, which are the strength and power days(which means heavy!!), but the second upper body day is actually quite easy for me...I feel like I could do so much more! But I am sticking to the program, so I have to restrain myself! I think I was probably pushing too hard for a while anyway, so this will actually force me to scale it back a little.

You don't have to absolutely kill yourself every single workout to get results! Today for me was just bodyweight rows, pushups, negative handstand pushups, front lever holds, bicep curls and ab wheel rollouts. It didn't take a lot out of me and only took me about 30 minutes. I left the gym with a small pump but was not utterly exhausted or drenched in sweat. Actually, I'm very rarely drenched in sweat after a workout(with the exception of when I do CrossFit)!

More than anything, I'm enjoying having a program to follow, with the sets and reps and rest periods all planned out for me. It takes away the stress of planning my own workouts and wondering if I'm doing too much or too little. I am trusting in someone else's programming and knowledge, and it's great! :)

Well, for some reason my weight has been going down the past few weeks/months....which is not cool! Last year around this time I had gotten up to 125 lbs, but I weighed in this morning at 120! Boo.  I know, I know, I really shouldn't complain about having a fast metabolism, but it does get frustrating to someone who is trying to build muscle.

I feel like I'm eating as much as I always have...but I should probably up my carbs some. And if I'm being completely honest with myself, I do know that I still sometimes fall back into the "dieting" mentality and the "carbs will make me fat" mindset.  It's really hard to get away from that, but it is just not conducive to gaining weight, and I know this!!  There is a small part of me that doesn't want to "get fat", so I find myself falling back into my old habits. I have to remind myself that I'm NOT trying to lean out-I'm trying to build, and I am only holding myself back with that mindset.

Had to take some post workout pump pictures today...just to make sure my muscles are still there. ;) Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Well babe, you definitely still have A TON of muscle and I don't think you need to worry about gaining fat :) With all that muscle your bod needs all those carbs ;)

    Thanks for being so good to me and good luck with that gaining <3


  2. P.s. I am so happy you are enjoying your training program :) <3


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