Mom Update

Mom is still improving a little each day! Her feisty personality is coming out, and you can tell she is getting antsy to get out of that hospital bed!

She is writing messages for us, since she still has the trach in and can't talk yet. She said she is so tired of not being able to talk! Sometimes we can decipher the messages she writes and other times it just looks like chicken scratch! But she gets a little better at it each day. 

She keeps wanting something to drink and even asked for coffee the other day-she actually wrote out how many sugars and creams she wanted in it!  Poor thing-I feel so bad for her! Today she is having her hip surgery-hopefully the last one, and she is really worried and scared about it.

I'm just still SO thankful that she is alive and is going to be okay. It's such a relief, and I can rest a little easier now. I cannot thank God enough for watching over her that day! I just don't know if my sister, brother and I would have survived without both our mom AND dad!

I just ask for your all's continued prayers for a successful surgery today and for her to feel God's peace and comfort. Thank you!


  1. prayers are being sent!!!
    heres to a speedy recovery from surgery!!!!


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