Why I'm Not a Runner

I hate running.

Besides sprinting, which I don't really consider "running", I don't run. Ever.

I've never seen a runner who has a body that I would want. Most people I see jogging on the side of the road are either overweight, skinny fat, or just plain skinny.

There is nothing wrong with running(well, okay, I do think there are some things), and if it is what you LOVE, what excites you, what motivates you to get up and train every day-then run your heart out! If you find something you are passionate about, that makes you feel amazing, then there is definitely nothing that should stop you from that!

What I don't like about running is that people who do it think it's the best way to be in shape, or the best and only way to lose weight, and I highly disagree. In my opinion, there are much more effective forms of cardio to get lean and stay in shape-things like jumping rope, sprinting, bodyweight circuits, and kettlebell swings, just to name a few.
Sprints do a body good!

Just because you don't run, doesn't mean you have to be a fat slob, or a big muscle head who can hardly move, much less run around the block!

For those whose main goal is to be strong and muscular (ME!), long distance running or any long distance steady state cardio is counterproductive. There are other more effective forms of "cardio" for those who want to stay in shape, but also want to be as strong as possible and not waste away any of our precious, hard-earned muscle!

For me, there is no benefit to running that I couldn't get from other methods of conditioning, such as sprints. Running won't make me faster, it won't help me gain muscle, and it won't make me stronger.

I love jumping rope!
With weight training combined with high intensity, short burst cardio, you get way more bang for your buck than just going out and jogging for 20 minutes. You'll build muscle, burn calories, train your heart AND increase your metabolism for hours afterwards. Nothing will shape and tone your body better!


  1. totally agree that HIIT cardio is the best way to go in regards to maintaining muscle and burning fat---def more bang for the buck!!!

    i do think cardio can be mis-interpreted as the be all for weight loss.but imho there needs to be more..cardio is just one part of a 3 piece puzzle to help build optimum fitness..the other pieces are progressive resistance training and nutrition.
    put all 3 together to get the full benefit!

    oh and even though you dont love running as much as i do (yeah 80-100 miles per week during prep)i still love you!!!

    you rock!

  2. You are 100% right-it's just one piece of the puzzle. I've learned that I don't have to do a lot of cardio, but for some women it helps to do a little more. But often, women rely too much on cardio alone. I think weights should be #1, but there is definitely nothing wrong with incorporating some short runs as one part of a complete training plan! Oh goodness, I can't even imagine 100 miles a week!!?? I ran a 5k twice and swore I'd never do it again!
    Thanks! :)

  3. You inspired me. I was low on energy and was going to do a leisure jog. I started reading your blog and changed to sprint's during my first mile. Feel much better now that I am done!! Thanks

    1. Yay, that's awesome! :) Nice job. Glad I could help.

  4. Every time I post a blog like this, the haters come out ;) Some people are psycho obsessed about steady state cardio. I used to love being a runner, but now I couldn't think of anything worse! It's sad that so many people assume they have to run themselves into the ground to get the physique they want.

    1. Haha, I know! I'm a little scared every time I get a new comment! But it's okay- this is my stance on running, and it will never change!

  5. I took up long distance running 5 years ago for the first time. Everyone told me I had a runner's body because I was so skinny. The running group provided excellent training, but a month after a 10 mile road race I became more & more tired & sick feeling. Four months later I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Now I know it's hereditary and who knows how long I had Celiac disease before I found out. But I still feel that all the crazy long distance running led to my body being completely depleted until I was barely functioning. Would never do that ever again to my body. Plus, look at the faces of most marathon runners, they look older than their years!

    1. Wow! I'm sure that the long distance running was a big part of the reason you felt so bad. :( And you're so right about the marathon runner's faces! They just don't look healthy to me. I'm glad you figured out that that type of training was not best for you!


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