Friday Ramblings

Hi! Is everyone happy it's FRIDAY?? I am! :)

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day here in Kentucky-60 degrees and sunny! Oh, how I miss the sun on my skin. I cannot wait for Spring to get here, I can hardly stand it!

So I went to Target and some other places the other day to shop for real(i.e. non-gym) clothes...and ended up with two workout tanks, of course! I mean who needs "real" clothes anyway?;-) Seriously, though, I feel absolutely lost in a clothing store and just have no sense of fashion I always end up where I'm comfortable-fitness clothes! I need help.

And of course, the bathing suits were out!!  If I didn't care so much about spending money I'd buy every cute bikini I saw! Some women can't pass up a cute pair of shoes or a handbag...for me, it's bikinis!

Well, anyway, today's workout was upper body:

1a)Suspended pushups 5x8
1b)1 arm DB row: 5x8 w/55lbs

2a)Eccentric only handstand pushups(8 seconds lowering phase) : 1 set x 5/ then 3x3 eccentric only
2b)Modifed front lever hold: 4 sets of 10 seconds (These are much harder than they look, but I love doing them!)

3a)EZ bar curl: 3x8
3b)Ab wheel rollouts: 3x6 on toes to wall

This week's cheat meal is going to be PIZZA, for the 3rd week in a row! I'm ready for something different, but I think my husband would have pizza every weekend if it were his choice!

Have a great weekend!!!!


  1. Haha I am not the typical fitness person who doesn't know how to dress in normal clothes. I totally used to be though! Since I moved to Europe, I've started caring about fashion a lot more. I read Vogue every month and even follow a couple of fashion bloggers. The horror! haha

    I wish I could happily buy bathing suits though. That is a nightmare for me!

    1. I wish I were more fashionable...but it just seems to take so much effort and money and it just does not interest me whatsoever!


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