I ♥ Weekend Treats :)

Welp, good ol' Monday is here again! Don't the weekends go by way too fast??
My weekend consisted of the pretty much the usual....popcorn and movie night Friday, workout Saturday morning, cheat meal, and church-that bascially sums it up! It was a little chilly here in KY, but the sun was shining, which makes ALL the difference! Spring is right around the corner, I just have to keep telling myself that!
I am warning you, the "treat" I had for the week will make your mouth water...you may want to look away!
Um, yes...in case you are wondering, those are cookies and kreme donuts made with Oreos from Krispy Kreme! My favorite one was the cream filled. We may just have to make a repeat visit this weekend, I'm just sayin'. ;)
I'm excited for today's upper body strength workout. It's the last week of month 2 of my training program, and I get to test my 4 RMs! It should be interesting since I just "started", and I'm always a little weaker during this time of the month. But we shall see...Of course, I'm sure there will be vids posted later in the week if all goes well. Or even if not! I'm not afraid to share my "fails" with you guys! ;)
How did everyone's weekend go? Did you have any yummy treats?


  1. Those look amazing! What a great weekend :)

  2. Lindsay, do you place any limits on your cheat meals? I like the idea of it but find that once I start I can't stop. Do you have any tips?

    1. I make sure to make my cheat meals only ONE meal and just to eat until I'm comfortably stuffed. Putting a time limit on it is a good thing to do so that it doesn't extend into the whole day! There have been many times where I've overdone it, and it just does not feel good so I try not to do that! It is hard to find the balance. If you really have a hard time with it, I would recommend maybe not having an all out cheat meal, but maybe just allowing yourself a small treat or two during the week, or just a bigger portion of a healthy meal. :) Hope this helps!

  3. I tried a Lara Bar for the first time and loved it!! I had the pecan pie bar, but I've heard the carrot cake is a must!

    1. Ooh-Lara bars are so yummy! My favorite is the apple bie and banana bread. You should also try the Kind bars-they are delicious! :)

    2. Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely try those out!


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