Pizza & This Month's Training Plan

This was me yesterday:
 I mean, it's not the Super Bowl without pizza right?
And this is today:

Gettin' my veggies in with a post workout green smoothie! Nope, no fruit loops today. ;-)
Here is this month's training plan:

1) 1 Arm Dumbbell Snatch
2a) Push Press
2b) Parallel Grip Pullup
3a) Close Grip Low Incline Press
3b) Front Lever Hold
4) Handstand Hold

1) Standing Broad Jump
2) Squat
3) Deadlift
4a) Dumbbell Lunge
4b) L-Sit Hold
5)Machine Calf Raise

1a) 1 Arm Dumbbell Row
1b) Standing Cable Press
2a) Eccentric Handstand Pushup
2b) Front Lever Hold
3a) EZ Bar Curl
3b) Power Wheel Rollout

1) DB High Pull
2a) Heavy Sled Push
2b) TRX Pike
3) 1 Arm KB Swing
4) Farmer's Walk
It's not much different than last month. A few exercise swaps and the reps are lower on the strength and power day(sets of 4 now). I am still loving the program and can really tell that I'm getting stronger from the gymnastics exercises! Although I'm sure I look really dumb doing the modified front lever holds at the gym. Don't see many people doing those!  I was able to stay up in a handstand today for almost 20 seconds freestanding! :)


  1. Looks like fun! I get weird looks trying to do handstands in the gym as well, haha. I definitely need some green smoothies in me after the weekend I had!

  2. love this workout plan!
    i may have to add some of these to my routine!!!!


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