Friday Ramblings :)

~Sooo...I think I'm getting the CrossFit itch again! NOT to go back to it completely, but just back to my once a week. I miss it!

~I have a new exercise that I'm loving on my program right now: 1 arm dumbbell chest presses. I don't know WHY I've never done these before! Not only are they great for the pec, front delt, and tricep, but they also give you a great ab workout at the same time! Try them! (FYI:You will probably want to start out a little lighter with the weight than you would on a 2 arm chest press.)

~Just my two cents on protein shakes, for what it's worth: they are absolutely not necessary for fat loss OR muscle building...but ya know what?  I just plain like them! In my oats in the morning, in a smoothie after a workout, or as a microwave "brownie"-yummy! Of course, real foods are always best, but I see nothing wrong with using protein shakes as snacks between meals or just for convenience when you're on the go! Plus, they satisfy my sweet/chocolate cravings, which is always a good thing.

~Yesterday's lunch was something a little different that I've been wanting to try forever-Ezekiel bread pizza! I just put a little pizza sauce, mozarella cheese and turkey pepperoni on a couple slices of Ezekiel bread and broiled it in the oven for a few minutes. Pretty yummy!  Ate them with a couple of fried eggs and some(gasp!!) meatballs.

~Here are a couple of links I think you should check out. Not only are they great articles, but you just may see a familiar face in them. ;)

Has anyone tried any new exercises lately? Any new meals? I'd love to hear them! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Hi Lindsay. I have been following your posts and came across your training log. I am wonder how you are finding the new program you are on (I think you are on month 3 now).. Are you happy with the results? how does it compare to other workouts you have done and have you attempted to tweek it at all?

    I am using the Dos Remedios Power Training structure also 4 days per week. 2xdays push and 2x pull. Each workout has 1 oly lift or squat/deadlift 4x5 followed by 1x compound vertical push and 1x compound horizontal push exercise (assuming it is push day) also 4 sets (ranging from 10-5 reps). Then a superset of abs/arm assistance.

    The program is great but wanted to change things up as I have been on this for almost a year now.


  2. I am loving it! Check out Jason Ferrugia's website-the program I ordered from there is called "Uncaged", but he also has other programs as well. It's a 4 month program, and each month the sets and rep range change for the main lifts-squats, deads, push press and bench. The split is upper strength and power, lower strength and power, upper assistance, and lower assistance/conditioning. What I love is that it incorporates the big lifts, some "bodybuilding" assistance type exercises, Olympic lifts, as well as gymnastics moves. I feel that I've gotten stronger on the main lifts, and that's the main thing I was going for.

  3. Ooh try the 1 arm db press with only your upper back on the bench with the non-working arm in the extended position!
    It hurts....

    1. I've seen that before-sounds tough! I'll have to try it sometime. Thanks!


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