Spring Is Here, & It's Leg Day :)

Spring! It's finally here!!!

Only...it doesn't feel like it. This has been the longest and coldest winter EVERRR it seems like. But without the cold, dreary winter I guess we wouldn't appreciate Spring nearly as much!

I just keep telling myself it will come! It can only go up from here, right??  I just love everything about this time of the year-longer days, more sunshine, warmer weather, flip flops, flowers blooming....everything just comes to life! Plus, it means SUMMER is right around the corner!! :)

Spring is a also great time for new beginnings; a great time to get refocused and motivated towards your fitness goals. So maybe you've been slacking or even quit on your new year's resolutions...it's okay-no better time to start back than now!

It's almost shorts and tank top weather....don't you want to be able to show off all your hard work with some toned quads and nice arms? With the warmer weather you'll be able to get out and be more active, so take advantage of it-get outside and walk and play on a daily basis!

Well, since today is Wednesday, you know what that means-leg day!!! This week the weights were increased from last week, but the sets were decreased. Next week will be 3 rep maxes. Then I'll just have one more month on this program.

Today's lower body workout:
1)Depth jumps: 5x3
2)Squats: 3x3x 175lbs
3)Deadlifts: 2x3x 205lbs
4)High Step Up: 4x6x 50lbs(BB)
5a)L-Sit Hold: 4 x 10 seconds
5b)Standing Machine Calf Raise: 4x10
6a)Single leg glute bridge 3x8
6b)Monster walks with band 4x12
(I kind of threw out the idea of a glute "finisher" because I'm usually just too fatigued by the end of my workout to do anything more than a few glute isolation exercises! When this program is over I'll go back to adding in a finisher a couple of times a week, but for now I'm just focusing on the weights and getting stronger!)
Heavy squats-my fave!!


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