Things That Make Me Smile

Spring has officially sprung. I love it!

Shorts weather! Finally!

My doggy-because he's just so freakin' cute!
Treat meals. :) I made my favorite childhood treats this weekend-no bake cookies!
Family time, even though it's like pulling teeth to get my brother to take a pic with us!
Mom's progress! She is walking around with just a cane now!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!! What are some things that made you smile?


  1. Hey your blog! Just wondering do you use a food scale, and if so do you have a specifc kind that you recommend. Wanting to get one so I can be more precise with measureing out my foods. Thanks!

    1. Hi!Thank you! Sorry I can't really help you with that, I don't weigh or measure my food at all.

  2. oh congrats to your Mom!!!!! <3

    love you girl! this weekend I was smiling because my boyfriend brought his husky over to live with ME :D

    1. Thanks! That's a good reason to smile :)


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