Weekend Recap & This Month's Training

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

We had a nice weekend here in Kentucky with some warmer weather finally!! Weekend recap goes like this: gym and then a HUGE meal at Bob Evans Saturday(and maybe a Reese's egg...or two) and church on Sunday. I got to see my sister and her little baby bump! She's about 5 1/2 months now, but you can hardly even tell!

Then we watched U of L play an awesome game against Duke(headed to the Final Four, woo!) and then the series finale of "The Bible"-loved it!!

As for food prep for this week, Sunday we marinated and grilled up some chicken, made some taco seasoned ground turkey, and a pot of chili made with lean beef.

Today I'm starting month 4 of my training program(the final month). I'm excited for some new exercises(with the exception of the pistol squats-nooo!!!) The reps on the four main lifts drop down to 2 this month and at the end of the month I'll test my 1 RM.

Here's what this month looks like:

1) Hang Power Snatch
2) Push Press
3a) Pronated Low Incline Dumbbell Row
3b) Close Grip Low Incline Press
4a) Front Lever Hold
4b) Handstand Hold

1)Box Jump
2) Back Squat
3) Deadlift
4) Pistol Squat
5) L-Sit Hold
6)Standing Calf Raise
1) Handstand Pushup
2a) 45° Incline Dumbbell Press
3) Parallel Bar Dip
4a) Incline Hammer Curl
4b) Front Lever Hold

1) BB Hang Power Clean
2) Heavy Sled Push
3) 2 Arm KB Swing
4a) Farmers Walk
4b)Seated Calf Raise


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