Carbin' Up!

So since increasing my carb intake, now I really don't even want them(okay, yeah, I do, just not like I used to)!  Hmmmm....funny how when you restrict yourself from them, they're all you crave! Back when I was keeping my carbs pretty low, all I wanted was rice and pasta and potatoes!

That's why I'm not a fan of restrictive diets or any nutrition plan that has you restrict yourself from any food group or says you "can't" have certain foods. They're not sustainable and you'll most likely have major cravings and then give in and end up bingeing! Restriction is NOT the way to go. Yeah, it's nice to be super shredded with nice abs...but it's just not sustainable for most people. Trust me, I've been there!

Yeah, I'm feeling a little bloated eating all this food and more carbs, and I definitely don't have abs right now, that's for sure...but it's okay! I'm learning to be okay with where my body naturally wants to be, plus my body needs the extra calories if I really want to GROW! Muscles like carbs. :) And what's most important to focus on instead of trying to get a 6 pack is being fit and strong! Who cares if you're super lean but unhealthy and miserable, right?

Well, today was leg that means even more carbs! Today I'm having waffles and eggs for lunch and probably turkey and rice for dinner. :) Even though I've increased my carbs, I'm still not reaching my calories, so I think I'm going to start adding in whole milk with my protein shakes like I did for a while last year, just for an easy way to get my calories in. 

 Here's what I did for today's workout:

1)Ball leg curls: 2x12
1b)Standing calf raises: 4x8-10
2)Front squats: 95x6/115x6/125x5/125x5
3)Barbell hip thrusts:4x10 w/115lbs
4)Walking lunges: 4x10 w/25lb dbs
5)Hanging leg raises: 3x8 (toes all the way up to bar)
*1 arm KB swings x12 + 15 seconds of mountain climbers, 3x*
It was a good one! For some reason, I was really feeling those hip thrusts today! I mean, I don't think I've EVER had a burn like that in my glutes before! I love it! I added an extra set of squats, hip thrusts and lunges from the last 2 weeks. Figure with all these carbs in my system, I can up the volume a little! 


  1. Love the workout! And yay for more carbs :) I used to be carb-obsessed, but since learning to love fat I really don't enjoy carbs anymore. I could take them or leave them! I do miss the days of adding milk to my shakes to bulk up.

    1. I'll always love my carbs! Even when I was doing higher fat lower carb, I really craved carbs and went way too crazy on my "treat" meals! I just love the way they make my muscles pumped up and the veins pop! :)Carbs just keep me so full that I'm never even really hungry. Whole milk is sooo good in my shakes-makes them like milk shakes!

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