Family Fun

Hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend! We had our annual Memorial weekend family cookout Saturday and had a great time, as always! I think this was the first year EVER that I remember it being below 80 degrees, but it was so nice.
I had fun running around with my cute little cousin Landen, meeting my new baby cousin, Maci, playing volleyball and kickball, and of course, eating lots(okay, maybe a tad bit TOO much) of yummy cookout food, including my favorite, potato salad! Just couldn't resist all the good food and wouldn't want to.  ;)
Landen says 'Happy Memorial Day'!
Holding baby Maci for the first time! She is adorable!
Always have to get a pic with my beautiful cousin, Olivia.
My mamaw holding baby Maci
My brother playing wtih Landen
My love :)
I took SO many pictures of him! He is so cute and funny, I can't help myself!
Sisters :) Only 2 more months until the baby comes!


  1. I do not post I do enjoy reading and following your blog!

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate that! I hope sometimes that I don't bore people. ;)


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