Fan...Or Follower?

One of the clues you may be more fan than follower is that when I asked ‘Are you a follower’ your mind immediately went to the fact that you come to church, put some money in the plate, volunteer from time to time. Let me just ask you a really blunt question: do you think God needs your help?

Do you think you’re earning His gratitude by ticking off a list of religious busywork? No, I’m not saying that attending church or giving money or reading your Bible are bad things to do. But think for a second. Why would those things matter to God? I believe they only matter to God as an expression of your closeness to Him. He doesn’t need your help, you aren’t going to impress Him, but He does long for you to be close to Him, for you to know Him intimately.

And really, that’s the question, isn’t it? Do you know Jesus? Does He know you? That’s what it comes down to. Does He have your heart? Is He your everything? Do you invest more in your relationship with Him than any other relationship? I think we sometimes confuse knowing about Jesus with knowing Jesus. But there is a difference between knowledge and intimacy. 
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  1. So true, for me I feel why don't I want to read my Bible more? Spending time with my best friend should be a joy not something to check off my to- do list.


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