Just Quit!

Another great one from Nia! Check it out: http://www.niashanks.com/2013/05/back-to-basics-reset-workout/

"Even if your goal is to lose fat, build a better body, improve your health, or get stronger, one of the best things you can do is just quit.

Quit looking for the “latest and greatest” or “optimal” workout routine.

Quit looking for the “secrets” to losing fat and building a better body.

Quit following unrealistic, non-negotiable rules that can’t be sustained long-term.

Quit stressing over the tiny, insignificant details of strength training and nutrition.

Quit trying to optimize a supplementation protocol that you think will increase your rate of success.

Quit over-thinking the entire process.

Quit forcing yourself to follow a workout program that you know isn’t practical or that you absolutely dread.

If you’re constantly stressing about your workout program, or even worse, revolving your life around a rigid routine, your results will be less than optimal despite your efforts and determination.

Yep, there’s a time when being a quitter is actually a great choice."
-Nia Shanks


  1. So very true, and important to keep in mind!

  2. WHOA. Totally speaks to me right now. I *think* I'm over training right now, and it's kind of hard to tell myself to slow things down, or to quit, but this is such a timely reminder.


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